About Ciberglobal...


Ciberglobal started in a small rural town in Colombia trading as an Internet Cafe under the name ‘La Cibertienda’. Founder J Gomez created La Cibertienda with the aim of introducing the local community of Tunja to the world wide web. This resulted in a nomination for ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ by the local Chamber of Commerce. Over time La Cibertienda morphed into a web design and IT support business and began trading under the name Ciberglobal.

In 2009 J relocated to Melbourne Australia to study and in the following years Ciberglobal commenced its transformation from an IT business into an art studio. In 2021, Ciberglobal was relaunched as an print on demand online store offering J's original designs and artistry in a wide range of products including t-shirts, hoodies and swimwear.

‘Through my work I find avenues to document my observations about life, people, my own experiences and stories that I hear from others. What I do is a statement of my love for freedom of all things starting with our own minds and beliefs. Freedom that gives us the opportunity to form your own ideas, freedom that embraces understanding and tolerance and empower our existence.’

J was drawn to music from an early age. He started taking classic guitar lessons at 8 and joined local death metal band at the age of 13. At the heart of the cassette trading and underground photocopied metal zines, the band recorded a demo loaded with teenage angst with lyrics screaming horror stories about the cruelty and insanity of war, religion and society. The band produced only one demo and whilst having being acknowledged and interviewed on Scandinavian metal zines at the end of high school all band members went separate ways...

For the following 28 years J’s main focus was academic keeping all creative endeavors limited to enjoying listening to metal, jazz and classical music right until 2013 when his wife gave him an electric guitar for Christmas. Since then J has spent each day playing and growing his artistry. J is also an accomplished sound engineer recording many local and international classical artists. His personal vault of recorded songs and lyrics only continues to grow with over 9 songs published.





‘I have been on a journey where I manage to find ways to express myself mainly through music and songwriting. As I get older it’s becoming easier and more natural for me to lean towards my artistry allowing me to explore and grow different outlets such as photography, graphic design, painting, writing and filming. Since the late 90's I started using the Internet as my main platform to showcase and promote my work first and foremost by using my own website and also by using social networks and specialized services for e-commerce and distribution of digital services".

Today’s Ciberglobal is J’s artistic playground where all his passions starting with heavy metal and horror films come together and are represented in his original designs.

‘I want Ciberglobal to be the place where all things I love come together. Riding scooter motorcycles looking for a Rock'n Roll gig, a beautiful beach, some great food and great wine or a great location for a photo shoot. In other words enjoying life in style.