About J Gomez Serrano

Through my work I find avenues to document my observations about life, people, my own experiences and stories that I hear from others. What I do is a statement of my love for freedom of all things starting with our own minds and beliefs. Freedom that gives us the opportunity to form your own ideas, freedom that embraces understanding and tolerance and empower our existence.

Born in South America and then relocated to Australia I have been on a journey where I manage to find way to express myself mainly through music and songwriting.  As I get older it’s becoming easier and more natural for me to lean towards my artistry allowing me to explore and grow different outlets such as photography, graphic design, painting, writing and filming.
Since the late 90's I started using the Internet as my main platform to showcase and promote my work first and foremost by using my own website and also by using social networks and specialised services for e-commerce and distribution of digital services.