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My relationship with the occult goes all the way back to my childhood when out of sheer curiosity and without any judgement or prejudice I wanted to discover everything about it. So I welcomed and embraced every vision, every dream and every personal experience. Then during my teenage years and because of the environment around me at school and also at home I was introduced to all the misleading fear around all mystical things brought by religion which only made me more interested about it.

It also made me understand why all that knowledge is best to be kept in the dark. I understood back then this wasn't something for the masses. This is one thing to keep safe in your occult garden.

Today I can say it has been a wonderful journey and thanks to all those lessons and experiences I have learned to accept whatever comes as it is and helping me to live a more fulfilled life. All my choices and their consequences are taken today as they are without guilt or sinful fear. Getting older and wiser is such a wonderful thing.

A word about art. In my eyes art is nothing but magick and magick is nothing but art. All forms of art have this ability of creating emotions opening our minds and shaping the way we feel, see and think. Take for instance that moment when you're watching a movie or listening a song and you're taken on this journey so beautiful and so emotional you can't hold your tears. Once your mind turns you are also turning the world around you. All possibilities and constrains, riches and rags, success and failure, happiness and misery exist first and foremost in our minds and then such things are manifested in our lives. It took me almost all my life to understand this and also to accept my artistry without shame of fear of criticism.

As a guitarist I believe everything in the universe vibrate like a guitar string creating a frequency and making a sound. People, situations, places. even a rock has oscillating molecules that send a frequency and sound. What you feel when you walk into a room and you don't like the 'vibe' is in my opinion nothing but your senses receiving that frequency telling you something is up and that you should be aware of it. Same thing when we meet someone and we find that person having this 'amazing energy'. I'm sure it's not that obvious for everyone but I think you get the idea.

Some people like myself take interest in all this and invest a fair deal of time learning about it. Wouldn't be great to learn how can we tune our bodies and minds so we can be more open an become better listeners of whatever the universe is trying to tell us? Meditation is an excellent pathway for this purpose like many others. All these words I have written here have the purpose of welcoming you to what I call 'The Occult Garden' which is this special place in our minds and hearts where we get ourselves in tune with the universe and welcome everything, every opportunity and every possibility but also accept every challenge with integrity and modesty. In our occult gardens we are the masters of your own universe, welcome.

Last but not least I have put together a few fun online services I found on the internet with the sole purpose of creating this 'Amusement Park' of mystical things you would like to discover and learn about. Most of them all third party but you will also find Tarot Card reads I do myself, some for free as a token of gratitude for your visit.

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Free Tarot Reads

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